Close your eyes' is the first single from Damen Samuel's upcoming album 'Goodbye Tomorrow' to be released in October 2024. With an acoustic guitargentle double bass and beautiful fiddle and mandolin arrangements ‘Close your eyes’ feels right at home on any Country and Folk playlist alike. At the heart of this song though is Damen’s storytelling and his warm, soothing vocals which keep the listener engaged throughout

‘Close your eyes’ is a lullaby for the inner child in all of us. When life and the world around us become too much to bear, we just want to be held and reassured that things will be o.k. Close your eyes is that soft hand on your shoulder, letting you know that you are not alone, that gentle voice telling you, I got you.

Damen Samuel is a singer/songwriter and a travelling troubadour who is spreading his mellow, powerful tunes with a guitar and a velvety voice. His music style can best be described as a unique blend of Soul, Folk, Rock and Jazz and he often draws comparisons to such artists as Nick Drake, Terry Callier and Ben Harper.

Damen has taken full advantage of living in a world with fewer borders than the one he was born into - he was raised in former East Germany, at the height of the Cold War by his German mother. His father was a student from Nigeria. Damen moved to NYC in the early 2000's to pursue his creative vision of becoming a performing songwriter, and he quickly became part of the local music scene of Brooklyn and the Lower Eastside. Some of the songs from that period can be found on his EP Storyteller, which he recorded with Grammy winning producer Silas Brown. In 2006, Damen relocated to Melbourne (Australia) where he recorded his first full-length album A Gypsy’s Lullaby in 2009. 

His most recent record Odyssey was recorded at The Buddy Project Studio in NYC with producer Kieran Kelly (Angus & Julia Stone – “Down the way”) and Matt Johnson (Jeff Buckley’s band) on drums and electric guitar.

Damen regularly travels between Melbourne, the U.S. and Europe working on various projects and introducing his music to a broad international audience. He is currently working on his new album - Goodbye Tomorrow, which will be released later in 2024.


"... Damen performs powerfully and expressively and his performance involves and convinces..."” - Rolling Stone